Here are some of your frequently asked questions:

May we take pictures?

We know you'll want to grab some of the adorable moments on your camera or cell and we're happy for you to catch those new memories throughout the morning.


This year again, we have included our official photos taken by Creative Xpressions and PHV Photo in your ticket price and we will give you full access to all pictures taken by our Royal Photographers including candids during breakfast, the group portrait in the theater lobby and a candid shot when your child meets Prince Charming and receives his/her magical gold coin from him.  The Character Company will also be taking photos and sharing them.  So we've got you covered on several levels.


Is the parade long?

Nope- no worries for your little princesses and princes.


The Princesses and other characters will lead the parade around a small area of the Market Common which is just enough for the royals to show off their fancy clothes and elegant princess waves.  Joining the parade will be the adults that brought the princesses and princes as well as the "real princesses" who will be getting to know your child.


Sometimes the weather is a little chilly in March so plan for that by having a wrap for them and you.

What happens next?

The parade ends at Grand 14-Stone Theatre where you will be received with fanfare.

After some announcements are made it will be time to enter the theater lobby.


 We will separate the adults from the little princesses and princes as you enter the lobby in preparation for our official group photo.  The "real princesses" will be there to help get your little ones lined up, Prince Charming will arrive and the whole group - will say "cheese!" before breaking up into their kingdoms. 

Even though you're separated you will still be there to watch over your child.

Who are "real princesses"?

The "Real Princesses" are the Gala's official "little prince and princess-wranglers" who are the magic-makers of our event.  They absolutely love your little ones and are excited to be there and become the storybook or movie characters that your children love. 

In real life, the"real princesses" include tv personalities, professional actresses & entertainers from The Character Company.

What ages attend?

Most of the children are probably between the ages of 3-7 but we welcome a variety of ages from toddlers to preteen.  It all depends on if your budding royal can still play make-believe with us.


The last couple of years we've also opened up the event to little boys so both little princes and princesses may attend.



I have more questions.

if you have any questions that aren't answered on this site-or at the online ticket section link- please email Cindra Marshall at


Cindra-is your very own fairy godmother and the creator and producer of the Princess Gala.  Make sure you put "Princess Question" in the subject line so she is sure to see it!

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